Michael Jackson as he appears in Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

The Sega Mega Drive, also Sega Genesis in North America is a video game console by SEGA.

This article mainly refers to Michael Jackson's involvement with games for the Sega Mega Drive.


The game Moonwalker was based on the film of the same name. Some of
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Jackson's works were transcribed into chiptune cover versions.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3Edit

Sonic the
Hedgehog 3 is perhaps one of the most popular games for the Sega Mega Drive. Michael Jackson helped write the music for the chiptunes in this game. In late 1993, new broke out about a child molestation scandal, and SEGA dropped the deal with MJ. However, his music still stayed in tact on this game.

Sonic and KnucklesEdit

  • Basically the second half of Sonic 3 since most that is said about Sonic 3 will already be said in this.
    However, despite having a similar soundtrack to Sonic 3, the act 1 boss theme was replaced with the glitch boss theme from the Hydrocity boss music drown glitch. Also, the knuckles theme was changed entirely into a theme exclusive to this
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