Cinderella, Stay While' is a song performed by Michael Jackson. It is on the album Forever, Michael.

lyrics for Cinderella Stay Awhile by Michael Jackson


[VERSE 1] Cinderella, stay awhile You're the one That I've been lookin' for Cinderella, when you smile All around me sunbeams Start to fall

Midnight is so near Please don't disappear Now that you are here Stay awhile

[VERSE 2] Cinderella, I just know That the magic slipper's Gonna to fit Cinderella, do not go You're my princess I am sure of it

This is love for sure Love that's sweet and pure Love that will endure Stay awhile

[BRIDGE] When you speak the angels all sing This is the kind of magic you bring, oh

[VERSE 3] Cinderella, stay awhile This is like a fairytale with you Cinderella, when you smile All my fairytales are coming true

Well my only fear Is midnight is so near Please don't disappear Stay awhile, oh

(Fairytales, make-believe and you) (Fairytales, make-believe and you)

Cinderella, stay awhile Don't you go Oh [ad lib to fade]



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